Otofuke is Kenta's solo unit. Employing rather new guitar techniques including tapping, slapping, body hitting, etc., he express his own view of the world only with one acoustic guitar. Itfs sure his live performance will turn you on. Now Otofuke regularly plays in Shibuya and Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Kenta is a Japanese composer/guitar player. His play style is quite unique: he uses every guitar technique imaginable, like two hands tapping, slapping, body hitting, picking, finger picking, etc.Hefs been inspired by numerous musicians and artists, for example, Toru Takemitsu (Japanese modern composer), Jinmo (Japanese modern musician), Robert Jr, Lockwood (Blues guitar player), Freddie King (also blues guitar player) and Taro Okamoto (Japanese modern artist) and so on.he uses only one acoustic guitar to express the harmony, the melody, and the rhythm in unorthodox ways that overthrow the traditional guitar concepts. His art of guitar playing is expanding to percussion, tapping, harp, Shamisen(Japanese banjo), slap, and etc.

Kenta's street live performans at Sinzyuku Tokyo Japan
April 27th 2007

Otofuke would like to perform anywhere in not only Japan but also the other countries. Please give our office an email if you are interested in Otofuke performance, or hopefully if you can offer us a chance of performance, organize his live show, coordinate some events or whatever.
Thank you!